The real estate market in East Idaho has improved over the past 24 months.   Although the market has still had some ups and downs overall the market has had a steady increase in activity.  The 3rd Quarter of 2013 was no exception to the increase in activity 4 of the 5 counties in East Idaho saw an increase in sales activity as compared to the same time period last year.  Madison, Jefferson and Bonneville counties saw sharp increases in activity.  Madison had an increase in activity of 27%, Jefferson was up 34% and Bonneville was up 19% over 2012.

Another sign of a stronger market is the lower number of bank owned properties.  Only 12% of the total number of properties sold in the 3rd Quarter  were bank owned.  This is a number that has steadily decreased since 2010 and a 20% decrease from 2012.

The chart below shows the real estate activity for East Idaho Counties. Click here for a printable version.