The 3rd Quarter Real Estate numbers for East Idaho are out.   I expected the numbers to be more attractive than those that we have been looking at for the first half of the year.  It has been somewhat difficult to get a good handle on where the market is actually at.  The 1st half of 2010 was artificially higher than normal due to the government tax credit incentive for 1st time home buyers.  The first half of the year was not an apples for apples comparison, the first half of 2011 was down compared to those of 2010 which was expected.  Overall some counties are up when comparing the number of homes sold, Madison County (Rexburg) was one of those counties with a 43% increase in the Q3 compared to Q3 of far this year Madison County is up around 13% compared to the same time frame in 2010.  I have seen an increase in buyers in the sub $200K price range.  Interest rates are still at a very low rate, I have seen some buyers with rates on a 30 year fixed loan below 4%.  I still believe prices may adjust some and that adjustment may be downward but I cant believe the interest rates will continue to stay as low as they are now.  Take advantage of some great buys on homes and get locked into a low interest rate while they last. 

Take a look at this table to see how the activity of Q3 2010 compares to Q3 2011Residential Sale by County for East Idaho 2011