Even though we woke up to snow on the ground this morning, spring is upon us.  A little snow in April is not uncommon, spring in East Idaho can be a little stubborn.  There have been several sunny days over the past couple of weeks and it seem like everyone is enthusiastically getting into their yards to get them cleaned up from the winter.  I have 5 steps to take this spring to help improve your curb appeal.

​1.  Lawn:  ​I am a person who really enjoys a nice lawn and spends time making sure that my lawn is healthy and weed-free. A nicely manicured green lawn can make a big difference to a curb appeal.  Over the past couple of years we have seen the brown burned up lawns on all of those bank owned properties, they look terrible and the bank does take a hit on price because of it.  I recommend having a lawn care company help you with weed control and fertilizer treatments, they seem to be able to get stronger product to help you maintain that beautiful green lawn.

​2.  Trim those bushes:  ​Late fall and early spring are the best times to trim back all of those overgrown bushes and trees.   Overgrown bushes can be an eyesore around homes, they look un-kept and can give buyers a negative opinion of your property.  Sometimes it may be better to just pull out some old bushes and plant some newer ones.

​3.  ​Clean up flower beds:  ​Flower beds and areas around perennial plants can be a catchall for leaves, weeds and garbage to gather from the winter winds.  Take some time to clean up the flower beds and if needed add some additional bark or rock to cover areas that have become bare.  The new bark or rock will add a lot and gives your beds a fresh look.

4.  ​Clean your window and Screens:  ​Clean windows add a lot to your curb appeal, and don't forget to clean the screens as well.  Replace old torn screens.  It is not a bad idea to pressure wash the exterior of your home as well, you would be surprises how much dirt gets builds up around your siding, brick and windows.

​5. ​Add some color:  ​There are some hardier flowering plants that will hold up while mother nature is trying to make up her mind.  Flowers add so much to a home and to the curb appeal.  Add some planter boxes or hanging baskets for more detail.

​All in all it is important to maintain a good curb appeal to help maintain the value and desirability to your home and neighborhood.  Even though you may not be selling your home it is still important to maintain a good curb appeal.  By making your home attractive will make the neighborhood attractive and help to keep values healthy, you never know when you may need to sell.  If there is 1 tip to leave with you it would be to maintain clean lines and a clean look, keep weeds down, and edges trimmed.