2013 started off to a sluggish start when compared to 2012.  After a 8% decline in the first quarter the 2nd quarter jumped to a 7% increase over the same period last year.  Certain counties within the East Idaho real estate market still showed a decline in the numbers of properties sold while others showed double digit increases.

As we continue to recover from the slower-distressed activity of 2009-2011 we seem to be striving for a new normal.  I believe that is what we are seeing now.  The market seems to be moving up and down but overall we are seeing an improvement in numbers and a decrease in distressed sales which include bank owned properties and short sales.  Another aspect that seems to be playing into our numbers is new construction.  The numbers reflected on the table below does not include most pre-sold new construction homes since these are not included in our MLS.  As the market improves and inventory is sold and not replaced the selection of homes decreases and buyers look to builders. 

Now is still a good time to buy, rates are starting to creep up so don't wait too long.

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