The Brigham Young University- Idaho (BYU-Idaho) fall enrollment numbers have been released and enrollment has increased by 12% over the fall enrollment of 2011.  According to the news releases by the university there are currently 16,773 students attending this semester. The number refers to the number of students who predominately live in the Rexburg area.

The university states there are currently 7,448 male students and 9,325 female students.  There are currently 3,616 married students which equates to 21.6% of the total local student population

The news article also mentions the growth of the BYU-Idaho online learning courses.  The number of students enrolled in the online courses has grown from 2,503 in fall of 2011 to 6,616 in the fall of 2012.

BYU-Idaho is the largest privately owned university in the state and is quickly approaching enrollment numbers of Boise State University which is currently the largest.

The university continues to expand not only physically but also academically.  The announcement over the summer was a partnership with Utah State University in offering a Masters in Business Administration program.

The growth of BYU-Idaho means growth for the community.  It is not hard to see what is happening in Rexburg, there are new apartment projects under construction all around the Rexburg.  The single family housing market has also been benefited by the growth, with new faculty being added to the college equals an increase in home sales.

Source: Marc Stevens, News & Broadcasting Manager