Over the past year the BYU Honor Code has been in the spot light quite a bit through the BYU basketball player that violated the code and was ineligible to play in the NCAA tournament this past March.  All of the LDS church schools require students to sign and live by an honor code, this code addresses issues from dress and grooming standards to academic honesty to housing requirements and the code is taken very seriously.   Today I would like to discuss how the BYU-Idaho honor code affects the housing situation in Rexburg and the surrounding communities.

         I often have calls from parents who have a child that will be attending BYU-Idaho and would like to buy a condo for their student to live in.  Because of the requirement by the school for single students to live in approved housing this is not possible, the only option would be for the parents to buy and already approved housing complex and then allow their student to live in that property.  The Honor code states, "All single students, unless over 30 years of age, must live in approved housing unless they live at home with their parents. Students who wish to live with a relative or local family friend must receive approval from the Housing and Student Living Office. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis and do not constitute an approval of the house, but rather a temporary approval of the situation for a particular individual. The university may withdraw the approval at any time."

       Some investors who are not familiar with the universities requirement are turned off by the requirements which have owners assisting the university in upholding the honor code. I would argue that this is a plus for apartment owners, the rules within the honor code drastically cut down abuse that apartments go through in other towns that cater to students.  There are rules regarding drugs and alcohol, pets, and cleanliness standards that students must live by.

      There are properties available that are already school approved, and there is process that an owner must go through to continue to be school approved.  I can assist you in that process, with personal experience in the student housing as well as community housing in Rexburg I can help you with the questions that you may have.  Take advantage of the real estate possibilities that abound in Rexburg, the school continues to grow and students continue to move to Rexburg.  For the entire Honor Code requirements click here to visit the BYU-Idaho website.