​Rexburg continues to grow as the enrollment at BYU-Idaho increases.  According to the schools website the spring semester was up 3% over the spring semester in 2011.  The school currently has 13,853 students enrolled.  The school estimates that 95% students currently enrolled reside in Rexburg, the other 5% are spread out in bordering communities from Ashton to Idaho Falls.

As the school continues to expand they are also expanding their online learning courses and programs.  They school currently has 3,799 students across the globe taking classes online, this is a 28% increase over last spring.

Married students make up 26% (3,621) of the student body.  

As you drive around Rexburg it is no secret that there is optimism from investors.  Multiple large scale projects are either finishing up construction or just in the early phases of getting started. Most single student grown is within a close proximity to campus, which is a requirement for BYU-Idaho.  The community housing projects that cater to married students are also springing up around town.

​If you are an investor at any level and interested in real estate in Rexburg, please contact me for additional information.