BYU Idaho Taylor Building

The enrollment at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg continues to grow.  The privately owned university continues to expand as was announced in 2010.

Unlike most traditional colleges, BYU-Idaho is set up on a track system where students will be enrolled in 2 of the 3 semesters throughout the year.  This system allows the university to accept more students and offer schooling year-round.  In the past the summer semester has always had less students than the fall and winter semesters, now the summers has nearly the same enrollment numbers as the other 2 semesters.  This is good news for investors who own student housing complexes.  Now they can keep units occupied year round without having a lull in the summer.

According to BYU-Idaho the spring semester of 2011 saw a 9.5% increase over spring semester of 2010.  Currently there are 14,296 students attending the University.  This semester, the student body consists of 3863 Freshman, 3786 Sophomores, 2937 Juniors, and 3659 Seniors.

With the expansion there is a need for additional housing.  Currently there are several projects underway for single student housing but I think the need for married student housing will increase over the next couple of years.  In the next post I will explain the rules that this private university has when it comes to housing for single students.