Due to the church announcing the eligibility age change for the Ladder-Day Saint Missionaries, the University has anticipated a slight decrease in enrollment. The Winter Semester of 2013 at Brigham Young University- Idaho showed a total enrollment of 16,354 students. This is an increase of approximately 4% over last winter. The enrollment for Winter Semester of 2013 was down about 700 students from earlier projections. The missionary age change will likely impact the enrollment numbers through the middle of 2014 and should pick back up in the fall.

The university offers online courses and continues to see growth of students enrolled in them. These students reside across the United states and also in several other countries. The number of online students for the Winter Semester 2013 was 16,785. The Winter Semester 2012 had only 2,493.

The local student body of this semester consists of 7,566 male students and 8,788 female students(46.3% &53.7%). The number of married students is 3,937. Comprising 24.1% of the total local student population.

Of the total local enrollment of 16,354 students, 96.2% live in Rexburg, while the remaining 3.8% reside in locations from Idaho Falls to Ashton.


Source: Marc Stevens for byui.edu newsroom