New construction has been a small part of our market for the past 2-3 years.  During the busy years of the market (2005-2007) they couldn't build them fast enough but as the market slowed builders pulled way back.  Over the past couple of years most builders got out of the business and left the market.  The smell of a new home was something that I had forgotten until early this year.  The inventory of existing homes was dwindling with a higher demand than what we had seen in a couple years.  As the supply of new homes has increased buyers are faced with the decision, go with the appeal of a new home or go with an existing home.   I want to briefly talk about each type of property and point out some benefits of each.

Aw...the smell of a brand new home, who doesn't like that right?  Through the years I have watched as buyers view homes, sometimes the list is a mix of existing homes as well as new construction.  I will tell you that once you have walked into a new home it is difficult to walk through an existing homes.  The smell and appeal of new home is hard to turn your back on.  Another benefit of new construction is the warranty that most reputable builders offer which usually covers 1 year from closing.  It is also nice to know that everything is new, from the carpet to the appliances...this offers piece of mind.

So what are the benefits of buying an existing home?  There are many homes in our market that have been well built and well cared for.  Typically the appeal for an existing home is the established yard and neighborhoods.  A mature landscape is hard to put a value on unless you have gone through the work of putting one in.  A good shade tree doesn't get that way overnight and the same goes for a well established yard.  Some existing homes offer a lot of character that is hard to match with new construction, the "charm" is hard to create sometimes.  Home protection plans area available for existing homes and usually cover most major appliances as well as other electrical and pluming issues that may arise.

Whether you decide to buy an existing home or new construction, don't go through the process alone.  Make sure that you have a professional real estate broker in your corner to make sure your best interest is watched out for.  Contact Tony Stallings for information about new construction options in Rexburg, Rigby and Idaho Falls.