The thought of putting your house on the market during the holidays can be stressful and daunting.

If your looking to sell you may consider these reasons to list your home during the holidays....

  1. Most people, homebuyers included, are HAPPY during the holidays. Happy homebuyers who need to move are attracted to homes that are warmly decorated and inviting.  From a basket of beautiful mums on the front porch to the smell of cookies baking in the oven, buyers can get emotionally attached to your home if it invokes a sense of family and holiday spirit.  (But don't overdo it!  Too much decorating can be a big turnoff!)
  2. Less Homes on the Market = Less COMPETITION!  Let's face it...most home sellers like to wait until the "hot" selling season to put their home on the market.  In most areas, the big selling season is in early spring.  But why not get a jump on the competition?  When housing inventory is low, buyers will appreciate a home that is competitively priced and in tip-top showing condition.  Your home may generate a lot of interest and even multiple offers, which typically means a higher sales price and better terms.
  3. Holiday homebuyers are SERIOUS buyers!  Some buyers are anticipating year-end bonuses that will pad their down payment.  Other buyers may be relocating to your area at the start of the New Year to start a new job.  Whatever the reason, these buyers are motivated - they're not out looking at homes for the fun of it in colder weather while holiday to-do lists are looming large!
  4. Your home may look its best during the holidays!  Imagine your home surrounded by the red, orange and yellow leaves of Autumn.   Add a few pumpkins and some bright colored mums, and you've painted a vivid, nostalgic picture for many homebuyers!  They may envision their own family carving a pumpkin or roasting a turkey with their loved ones gathered around.  In December, the lights, wreaths, Christmas trees and wonderful smells will generate holiday spirit - and hopefully, a warm and fuzzy attachment to your home!  Whatever your holiday traditions...they resonate with homebuyers!
  5. Buyers will see your neighborhood in a new light!  Another one of my favorite reasons to sell your home during the holidays is that homebuyers will get to see your neighborhood all spruced up.  Many Charlotte neighborhoods decorate and light up their entrances during the holidays.  Lots of residents adorn their homes with lights, festive wreaths, candles and more - it's fun just to drive through a neighborhood and get a feel for it during the holidays.  (Hopefully you don't have THAT neighbor who loves to overdo it!)
  6. Tax benefits!  Although tax benefits are not the main reason a person buys a new home, they certainly don't hurt!  Some homebuyers might be looking to buy before the end of the year for an added tax benefit.  Check with your accountant  to deduct such expenses as mortgage interest, points and property taxes.
  7. More time off to look at homes!  Homebuyers may be able to take a little more time off during the holidays to look at homes for sale.  Kids are out of school, and some families have more time to check out homes and neighborhoods - why not be one of the homes they want to see?
  8. You still hold the keys and the deed!  For those sellers who are worried that if they sell their home during the holidays, they may end up having to move the day after Christmas, here's what I say to that....YOU hold the keys and the deed, and if you don't like the terms, you don't have to sell your home!  However, if you got a full price offer (or more) you might want to think of it as a great holiday gift and make it happen.  Very stressful for a few weeks, yes, but very beneficial in the long run!

If your looking to buy consider these.....

  1. Lower competition means lower prices. Most people think of spring and summer as the best time to buy a house. They want to get their children settled into new schools before the start of the new school year. The warmer time of year therefore creates a seller's market, where buyers have a disadvantage. You'll find competition for the best deals and high prices
  2. Serious sellers. Less competition means that people are motivated to sell their house. In the holiday season, buyers are a precious commodity. In fact, only 8.1 percent of home sales occur in December. Sellers know that fewer feet will be treading on their carpet, so this small window of opportunity turns you into a serious buyer with a serious edge. If the house has been listed for many weeks, you'll have even more negotiation power, especially since sellers receive a tax deduction if they sell before the end of the year. If you are genuinely earnest about wanting to buy a house and have a reasonable offer, why should a homeowner have to reschedule his holiday plans to continue showing his house and worry about selling? Here you have the leverage in price negotiation.
  3. Better interest rates on mortgages. The drop in demand to buy a home at holiday season means that lenders experience less requests for mortgage money at this time. This phenomenon manifests itself in favorable mortgage terms for you -- a great reason why it's the best time to buy a house. Interest rates drop every December through January on a cyclical basis. A lender can offer you a low interest rate or even cancel some fees to secure your patronage. Do your homework and shop around  in order to get the best rate. Loan officers advise that it's best to get prequalified with a mortgage broker or lender early because loan closing turnaround times can range from 30 to 60 days.
  4. Tax deduction. Buying a house and closing before the end of the year may give you a much-appreciated tax deduction. You have a good chance to be able to subtract the interest component of the initial mortgage payment from that year's taxable income. Speak to a qualified tax advisor to find out how mortgage interest deduction may be applicable to your circumstances.



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