Hidden in one of the small towns North of Rexburg is Chiz’ Restaurant. Chiz’ has been a family restaurant in St Anthony since the late 50s. If it is your first time experiencing this local attraction you might think you are at the wrong place when you drive up or even walk through the doors. There are no tables, the seating is made up of a counter surrounding the kitchen area. There are 3 sides with 7-8 stools on each side. If you don’t make it there early, you might have to stand along the wall until a seat opens up. This unique dining experience is worth a wait. The menu offers quite a variety, including shrimp, finger steaks, steaks, ribs, prime rib and Chinese food. They have always concentrated on good food and a fun experience. When the biggest push of people to your restaurant is word of mouth referrals you know you are serving up some good eats.

Chiz' is located at 245 North 2nd West in St Anthony.  You can also order take-out by calling 208-624-7633


“One of the best things about living just outside of Rexburg is finding all the unique things to do close to home. I loved taking my family to a fun small restaurant where we all have a good time and great food.”  Tina

“Living in Rigby for so many years, I wish I would have known about Chiz’ along time ago. It was tasty and such an enjoyable experience.” Laura


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