After taking a look at what the market has done in the first quarter of 2014 it appears that we have stabilized to some extent.   Our market is far less volatile than what it was in years past.  It may still be too soon to say we have come to a new normal for market activity but the numbers over the past year have given some indication that may be the case.  As you drive around in East Idaho you feel a greater sense of stability, new construction seems to have increased greatly over the past 2 years.

East Idaho's real estate market was off by 1% as compared to the number of properties sold in the fist quarter of 2013 vs 2014.  Our bank owned properties have continued to decrease and are a smaller percentage of our market.  Take a look at the table below to see changes in the market for Madison, Fremont, Jefferson, Bonneville and Bingham counties. Click Here for a printable version of this table.