It has been 10 years now since the announcement that Ricks College would become Brigham Young University-Idaho and would become a 4 year university.  It seems that the university has been a construction zone since that announcement and there are many new buildings and additions that have been added to campus.  The transition has gone well. 

As a Real Estate Broker I receive many calls from prospective investors that want to take advantage of the expansion in offering housing for college students.  The housing dynamic in Rexburg is quite different from most other areas.  Due to to the Private ownership of the college, single students under the age of 30 must live in student approved housing that is approved by BYU-Idaho.  The majority of the approved housing units are owned by the private sector.  When students get married or are over age 30 they are free to live wherever they would like.  So where is the need for housing and which is the best option for investors?  There is a need across the board.  The rental market in Rexburg has improved for investors as the school has grown and continues to grow. 

So where is the enrollment at BYU-Idaho now and where is it projected to go?  In November 2010 the school announced that the enrollment cap would increase from 12,500 FTE (Full Time Enrollment) to 15,000 by the school year 2013-2014.  The estimated head count would be approx. 17,000 per semester which equates to 25,000 per year due to the schools track system that allows more students on campus over the course of the year.

If you are interested in pursuing real estate investment opportunities in Rexburg or around BYU-Idaho please give me a call and allow me to assist you in this opportunity.