It has become a tradition for our family to visit Island Park Idaho for the memorial day weekend.  It is good to spend time with the family and kick off the summer, even though it snowed on us the 3 days we were up there.  Luckily we do have a family cabin that we stay in instead of braving the weekend in a tent.  Typically the best part of the weekend is fishing the famous Henry's Lake on the opening day.  With our small children, we were unable to make it to the crazy opener at Henry's.

Island Park still has piles of snow in the shady areas in the valley, as you look up on the higher mountain peaks it is fair to say that winter is still in full swing.  There was a lot of snow that fell this past winter, some areas are 300%+ of normal snow pack levels.

Since we did not go fishing we decided to head to West Yellowstone, Montana which is the west entrance into Yellowstone National Park.  We wanted to visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.  This center is open 365 days a year and has a lot of interesting facts and information about Grizzly Bears and Wolves, the kids really enjoyed it.  There are usually a couple Grizzly bears playing in the pond and digging up the hidden food, it is amazing to see the size and power that these animals have.  It is also comforting to know there is a large steal fence that separates you from them...they are not as cuddly as the stuffed animal version.  If you are new to East Idaho I would recommend visiting Island Park and West Yellowstone, either place is easily a day trip.

When we arrived back to the cabin we enjoyed tin foil dinners.  As we were sitting around the camp fire a large moose decided to visit us.  Our black lab Roxy was very curious and almost took a left hoof to the head before we decided to give the moose her space.

Island Park Moose

There are so many of these beautiful places within a couple hour drive from East Idaho.  I will post other recomended sites to visit on the blog throughout the year.