For me, the best part of any holiday are the traditions.  I have dubbed myself as a very traditional person, which sometimes bothers my wife...I think.  Of all the holidays throughout the year, Christmas probably has the most traditions.  Most of the traditions that make Christmas time special are the traditions centered around family.   For me some of the traditions take me back to my childhood when I didn't have a care in the world.  It is fun to pass some of those traditions down to my own children.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to Island Park with my family.  Usually, there is a lot of snow and the snowmobiling is fantastic.  Mother nature has not been cooperating this year and we barely have a skiff on the ground in Rexburg while Island Park has only half of what is common for this time of year.  Island Park Idaho has some of the best snowmobiling in the country and it is a beautiful time of year to go up there.  We hope to still make our trek up there this year and take advantage of quite, winterous wonderland. 

I would love to hear about anybody's Holiday traditions.  Happy Holidays to you all and best wishes for a Happy New Year!!