It is no secret that when you own a home you need to have home owners insurance.  Home owners insurance is in most cases very affordable...especially when compared to health insurance.  Usually you will receive discounts on your auto insurance when you bundle your home owners and auto insurance together.

There are some things the you need to know when you are getting your home owners insurance for your home in East Idaho.  Of course you should discuss all aspects of your insurance with an insurance agent that you feel comfortable with and trust.   First of all, most people don't know that there is usually a clause in most policies that require you to change your policy of you are moving out of the home and it will be vacant for more than 30 days.  The reason for this is a vacant home is more susceptible to problems since nobody is monitoring it daily.  I have seen several instances where the home was vacant, the heat was not set at the right temperature and the pipes froze.  If this happens you will have a unwanted water feature in the home with will not be covered by insurance and can cause some major financial problems down the road.  If you are leaving your home vacant, make sure to contact your insurance agent to make sure you  have the right coverage.

Another thing to discuss with your insurance agent is whether you have the proper coverage if you were to have a septic or sewer backup in the home.  A lot of standard policies do not cover this problem.  The additional coverage is not that expensive and will be well worth it if you have some unexpected floaters come into your home.

All in all it is a good idea to quiz your insurance agent often to make sure you have the proper coverage.  If you are new to East Idaho and don't have an agent that you trust, contact me and I would be happy to refer you to an agent that can help you.