High-quality locks and solid doors are the
front line of home security.


   Burglars like to get into the house the same way you do- by walking through the door. That's the easiest way for them to get items out, too. High-quality doors and locks make unwanted entry difficult and time-consuming-two things no burglar likes. Just the sight of a solid door and high-quality lock can be enough to make a thief walk away.

   Look beyond the main front and back doors and secure all your exterior entryways. Service doors from the garage to garden, French doors to a second-story bedroom, old cellar and coal chute doors, and doors to three-season porches or conservatoires should all be made as secure as possible.

   Certain interior doors deserve as much protection because they function as exterior doors. The door from an attached garage to the house, and the door from the basement to the first floor are interior doors that a  burglar can use to get into the main living area of the house.

   Be sure all the components of your home's entryway-frame, nearby windows, and surrounding walls- are secure; one weak spot is all a thief needs to gain entry.

Screening Visitors

   Amazingly, burglars often gain entry to a home simply by walking though unlocked doors or crawling though open windows. So get in the habit of keeping doors and windows closed and locked.

   If you like having the door open to let in fresh air when you're home, install a screen door with a lock. Although a burglar could cut through the screen, cutting makes noise. If he can hear that someone is home, he'll likely move on if the screen is locked. With an unlocked door, he could steal a few items without making enough noise to be detected.