You may think your house is clean, but if you decide to sell, you may find that your home is not up to everyone’s standards. When your house is shown to prospective buyers you want it to be spotless, but how do you get that beautiful, just-cleaned look that appears so effortless on television shows? Here are a few “spring cleaning” tips to help you make your home look its best before you start showing it off!

  • If possible, hire a professional. For a deep-down cleaning, there is nothing like a professional company to give your home that spotless look. If you cannot afford a weekly cleaning service, contact a professional cleaning company about a one-time “super cleaning” then take on the maintenance tasks yourself.
  • Look up, then down. Notice the corners of your ceiling as well as those of your floors. Do you find dirt congregating in those out-of-the-way spots? Sometimes wiping crown molding and baseboards can work wonders on your home to make it look fresher and brighter.
  • What about a coat of paint? Sometimes the problem is not the level of dirt but the colors of your trim or walls. If you are able to paint before you start having showings, invest in light neutrals that will be inviting for everyone.
  • Get rid of clutter. Sometimes a house is not dirty, but messy. A messy house will appear dirty even when it is not. Therefore, it is very important that you contain and clean up the clutter. In order of preference: a) toss it; b) throw it in a box and haul it up to the attic or down to the basement; and c) rearrange it in its present room.
  • Focus on scents. A house that smells clean appears clean, so think about some aromatic essential oils or other scents that could entice possible buyers and scatter those throughout your space. Of course, you should also be sure that any bad odors are traced to their sources and eliminated.

Take Cleaning Routines Seriously

Your cleaning routine is just as important as anything else you will do while trying to sell your home, so be sure that at least once a week you block off time to clean thoroughly and address any small issues that arise with home maintenance. Martha Stewart offers a great printable cleaning checklist to help keep you on task. 

With a little work, you can create an environment that will draw in prospective buyers and make them want your home for their own!