Yes, you heard me. I don't like to be "sold" anything. I know my own needs better than anyone else does and if I need something, I'll go looking for it. Many times, I don't know what I'm looking for and I don't want to take time to explain what I want, only to be guided right to an item that may or may not be what I want. I don't like people knocking on my door trying to sell me some miracle cleaner or a pest control service.


I can read the sign that says, "buy one get one half off" I don't need to be told about it.  I'd would say the general public feels the same way, especially home shoppers. You don't need to point to a kitchen and say, "there's the kitchen."  All a home shopper needs from a Realtor is for the store to be open, and with technology, it is a 24-7 business, right from your living room.

Buying a home usually starts online and ends on closing day with a moving van.  The stuff in the middle is where Real Estate agents and brokerages provide more value to the home buyer.  I'll show you how much participation a Realtor is usually needed for each phase, because buying a home is not like buying a bath and body Eucalyptus spearmint hand soap. It becomes about as complex as a purchase can get.  There are several decisions a new home buyer will make when writing an offer, many of those decisions can't be made well without an understanding of each of them, the process as a whole, and the consequence of each decision.

Here are the steps and how we can be helpful to a home buyer in each:  
1. Looking online at homes.  I help you by simply giving you the tools to get set up with a home search that allows you to see homes as soon as they come on to the market, not days later, so you can browse at your leisure and in your comfort by yourself.  There's a difference between looking on public websites at homes and being on an agent portal.  On the agent portal a complete list of homes listed for sale by all companies becomes visible, not just a percentage of them.  It's a free service that I provide. I will talk about what information you'd like to have and how often.
What you won't get from me: a call every day asking if you are ready to buy.
2. Making an appointment with a loan officer to see how much home you can buy.  I help you by recommending loan officers that will communicate with you and make the process go smoothly without surprises and without being left in the dark. At that time you will not only learn how much money you can spend on a home comfortably but also what type of home qualifies for the type of loan you are getting. 
3. Setting up an appointment : Once you're pre-approved, I will show you a handful of homes to gauge what you like, and what you don't. Once you have seen a few homes and you've decided whether or not I've been helpful, you will determine how much assistance you want from me. 
4. Finding your home : You will get my time, my experience, and a friend with you who's bought and sold over a hundred homes and knows the market inside and out.  You won't hear me say how many homes you should see before making a decision on which one to buy.  There is no magic number of homes you should look at. I will let you know when moving quickly is your best option in certain circumstances, but the amount of homes you view, is up to you. For some people it's 5 homes, for others it's 50. You will take the time you need, and I will be honest and communicate with you about the market conditions, so that you are completely informed. The time I invest with a buyer is time well spent, and I am careful not to promise something I can't deliver.  
5. Putting an offer on a home :  I help by structuring the offer to benefit you and make sure your needs are taken care of.
6. Getting from the offer to keys : I help by managing the timing, terms, and appointments by negotiating and coordinating with the loan officer, inspector, appraiser, and title company.
8. Moving van :  Friends, family, neighbors all disappear knowing you'll be asking them to help you move. Tip: Buy food, and more of them will show up.
When I ask you to tell me what stage you are in, it is so I can assist you to the level that you WANT HELP.