It is wonderful these days that we have the ability and convenience to provide the MLS online for the public and future customers to view homes in the comfort of their living rooms. An online viewing is showing that a buyer can do at their convenience. We receive calls and web inquires of prospective buyers that would like to get inside a house that they saw online or drove by, that is of interest to them. Then we respond "Great, Lets set up a time that works for you. Have you spoken to a lender yet?"

For qualified ready buyers, this feels right. They're ready for that step, they want information, they want to know that their needs are understood. The appointment is made. Buyer shoppers may not have done the pre-qualification process yet. They may just want to get an idea of whether or not they even want to buy. It may seem backwards to them. Especially first time home buyers who have not ever done this before. In their minds, you drive a car before you get financed, you try on the pair of shoes before you go to the register, why should you have to do anything but just see the house? But with a house purchase, it's very different for many reasons than buying any other product... as all shoppers of today do find out. Not all buyers can qualify for all of the homes, even ones that are in their price range. Some homes are not on the websites or MLS's that the buyer is actively looking. Some websites have old listing data. It's best to be able to gather some information from the prospective buyer so that we have a better idea of what they are looking for. In addition to the reasons for the buyers benefits are the sellers requests. Some sellers require a 24 hr or more notice. Houses hold people of all ages. Some with pets that need to be removed, or young children, grandparents, messy partners, or daytime sleep schedules.  A house showing requires them to have trust that who's in their home is a qualified  buyer so they feel like all their effort has not been wasted.  They take time to clean their house and then vacate their home during all times of the day. We don't ask that of sellers unless we know the buyer is qualified and ready to purchase a property.

It takes about a half hour to get pre-approved for a home purchase and a fifteen minute consultation with an agent who's job it is to look out for the buyer's interests and to put yourself in the best position to be home shopping ready.

If you are ready to get yourself pre-qualified contact me for lenders that I recommend.