With the 2010 Census data now available we can see where the growth has been for the past 10 years.  Idaho growth is the 4th highest in the nation, something that has not come as a big surprise.  This ranking is taken by the percentage of population growth, keep in mind that the state population is estimated at 1,567,582...not too bad when you figure we are the 14th largest state.  The primary reason for growth in this area, from a Real Estate Brokers point of view, is the fine quality of life and the open space.  The population density in Idaho is a whopping 18 persons per square mile...compare that to the city of Los Angeles with a city population of 3,833,995, that works out to be 1674 persons per square mile.

The cities of Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Rexburg were among others in the state that have had substanial growth over the past 10 years.  Rexburg's growth can be greatly attributed to the growth of Brigham Young University-Idaho, a privately owned univeristy that anounced the expansion of its campus when converting from a 2 year junior college to a 4 year univeristy.   Rexburg, Idaho Falls and the other communities in East Idaho offer many benefits to those moving from other areas.  Located approx 70 miles from Yellowstone Park these great communities have plenty of outdoor activities that people travel from around the world to experience.  When the real estate markets in California were booming in the mid 2000's we were able to help hundreds of families that were looking for a better quality of life, they wanted open spaces, basically they wanted to experience good old small town USA.

Though I believe the growth of Idaho will continue in the years to come, we may slow down for the next couple of years as we strive to correct the struggling national and local economies. 

For any of those searching for a clean, safe, open space quality of life...we welcome you into our neighborhoods.