To anyone looking to buy or sell a property,   I can't even begin to tell you how much I've absolutely loved working with Tony Stallings. He has represented me four times in Idaho and it has been beyond a pleasure working with him each time. He is responsive, efficient and just knows how to get the job done. I never have to worry if something is going to get done or if a deadline is going to be met. I can rely on him completely.   In addition, he has gone above and beyond on several occasions to help me sell a home. Scheduling maintenance, letting people in the home, working on projects himself and a whole list of other things that are certainly not a part of a realtor's job description. The best part is that he's done all these things willingly.   But beyond that, he is trustworthy and I know that he will always treat me fairly. And even more importantly, I consider him a close friend. Now my only wish is that he would move to Utah to represent me there. I have truly appreciated and enjoyed my working relationship with Tony and best of all, I feel like I have a reliable friend that I'll always be able to count on if I ever have any needs in the Teton Valley area in the future.   Sincerely,   -Keith J Dyer