My husband and I had been on the fence about selling our home and relocating.  We fell in love with a listing we found online and called the Realtor up for a showing.   The listing agent happened to be Tony Stallings. He was so accommodating and quickly found a time we could see the house.  The house exceeded our expectations, but we had so many concerns, mainly our current home needed to be sold and was not under a current contract.   Tony answered all of our questions and helped us understand what we needed to do to get our desired results.  We felt very comfortable having Tony list our home, and loved the idea of having him as our buying and selling agent.  It can be nerve-wracking handing over your home to someone else, but seeing how respectful he was with his listing, we knew we could trust Tony with our home, even when we weren´t there.

Tony was amazing to work with, never pushy, and always honest.  He told us straight up what he thought our house needed and his market assessment and pricing was right on track with what we needed it to be.  Tony sold our house in two weeks (in a terrible market), allowing us to put an offer on our dream home.  We were a little shocked and unprepared it went so fast!  He was on the ball, and always gave me fair warning with showings and Realtor tours.  He helped us through the steps we needed to take to help our home qualify for special financing and was a great mediator between us and all other parties. Since he was our buying and selling agent-there were plenty of go-betweens and Tony handled it all with ease.  We always felt he was fair to everyone involved and quick to respond to our needs.

Tony was with us every step of the way, clear through signing and welcoming us into our new home. With so many extenuating circumstances and crazy things going on, it was so nice to have Tony take us through everything a step at a time.  We would recommend Tony Stallings to anyone looking for a Realtor in this area-buying or selling; he is great! Honestly, he is a pleasure to work with.  Tony exceeded our expectations and even became our friend through the process.  If ever needed again, we know where to find our Realtor.

Jenny and Mark