It is no secret that our local real estate market has been on a roller coaster over the past 4-5 years.  It was August of 2007 when everything started to change with the national economy.  Large banks were broke and the government was bailing them out...we all remember that time and I think it is something we would like to put behind us and look to the future.  As I have stated in other previous posts our market here is also changing and for the most part we are going ion the right direction.

As of the end of July the Jefferson County (Rigby) real estate market was up $18% over the same period last year and the bank owned properties make up a much lower number of sales.   The number of properties that have been foreclosed on is down by 42% so far this year.  These numbers are a good indication of how much the local market in Rigby has improved.

As for the Rexburg real estate market is looking for 2012, well...lets just say it has seen the most growth of all the east Idaho markets.  Rexburg is up 45% so far this year and continues to stay busy.  The number of properties foreclosed on so far this year has dropped by nearly 55% when compared to last year.

It is a good time to buy, the interest rates are great and there are still some great deals out there.  Contact Tony if you are interested in seeing what is available for you in our current market.