A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Anaheim California to the National Association of Realtors Convention.  It was a good time to get away and go network with other agents around the world and see the newest technology available at the Realtor Trade Show and Expo.  I was also able to attend some training sessions.

My wife says the only reason I went to convention was for a "Mancation"...okay that may be partly true.  I went with 2 other agents from our Idaho Falls office.  We did play hooky on one of the days to attend the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, it was a lot of fun and cool to see how a show like that is produced.  The rest of  my time in California was spent at the convention.  I was able to take some classes on photography, marketing and some glasses on how to integrate a lot of the Google tools into my real estate business. 

The Realtor Trade Show and Expo was almost overwhelming.  There is so much new technology and information available. I am excited to be able to integrate some of the new tools into what I have going at this time.  In the future you can watch for a mobile web page as well as a new Facebook page for real estate.  Century 21 sponsored a tailgate party at convention and had Terrell Davis come.  They raffled off some autographed jerseys and I was lucky enough to win one of them.