The numbers for the 1st quarter of 2013 are out.  The comparison is for the same period of time last year.  It was expected that the numbers would not be as attractive as they were in 2012 simply because the market was mainly fueled by the extremely low interest rates.  Overall the East Idaho market was down 8% as compared to 2012.  This number may be a little misleading, our market is not in decline...just working through the recovery.

The number of bank owned property has decreased by 28%.  Of the 398 total transaction that took place in the 1st Quarter only 93 were bank owned which works out to be 23% of total sales.  32% of all sales in 2012 were bank owned properties.

All in all the real estate market in East Idaho is doing just fine.  There seems to still be plenty of buyers looking, interest rates are still good and our inventories are staying in check.

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