Real Estate Agency in Idaho, what it means to you if you are buying or selling real estate in Idaho.  This is also referred to as the Blue Brochure, although most forms are printed from a computer and are no longer printed in Blue.

As far as I understand each state has a variation of Real Estate Agency law.  In Idaho you have the choice as a buyer or seller whether you want to be represented exclusively by a real estate agent. 

As a Seller, if you have real estate listed in Idaho and have signed a Exclusive Seller Representation Agreement you have an exclusive sellers agent, pretty simple right? You have the choice when you sign the Seller Representation Agreement whether you will allow your listing agency to represent any buyers in the sell of your home.  The issue arises when the listing agent represents both buyer and seller, which creates a conflict of interest.  Usually this is not a big problem, you need to understand that in this situation you only have limited representation because and an agent cannot fully represent both parties at the same time.

As a buyer you have the opportunity to be represented by an agent exclusively.  The benefit for a buyer to sign a buyers representation agreement is having an Realtor that is more committed to helping you find a home or piece of property.  By having a buyers representation agreement you have some protection as you look for properties and negotiate offers.  Typically your Realtor will work harder for you with one of these agreements in place because they have the reassurance that you are committed to them and won't be working with other agents.  You can review the Agency Law Brochure in Idaho by clicking here.