The question is often asked, "Do I really need to find a realtor to buy or sell Real Estate in East Idaho?" The answer to the question is obviously, yes, you need a Realtor, but it is also important to find the RIGHT Realtor for you.

When I was just a young lad I was really excited to buy my first home, I was looking for a cheap investment property that I could buy, fix up and sell, basically, I was looking for a flip.  I called several local real estate companies and asked for a list of homes that fit my criteria.  I was a little confused when each of the lists I received was basically the same homes.  As I investigated further I found that Realtors belong to an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which allows each of them to cooperate with other each other in selling their listings.  I needed to find an agent that fit my needs, and I did.

Now that I am now a Realtor I have the chance to help clients find Real Estate that fits their needs.  It is my suggestion for Buyers to find a Realtor, not only a Realtor, but find the RIGHT Realtor.  What I mean by that is for you to find a Realtor that you are comfortable with.  You may want to interview a couple different Realtors or even do some research and see if you can find one that will best match with your personality.  Finding the RIGHT Realtor will benefit you as you search for the right home.  Finding an experienced Realtor will bring insight not only about the real estate market but also about East Idaho.  Some Realtors may ask you to sign an Exclusive Buyers Representation Agreement, this should not scare you, but make sure you are comfortable with the Realtor and that you have reviewed the form prior to entering into the agreement.  I have a full bound packet that I provide to buyers that will go through the entire process.

Tony Stallings RealtorI hope that in your search for the RIGHT Realtor you would consider me.  Let me be your RIGHT Realtor and help make the process of buying or selling real estate in East Idaho as easy as possible, like I have done for hundreds of other clients over the past 8 years.