Finally Spring is here but summer is just around the corner! We have waited entirely too long this year to open the windows and enjoy the warm weather and outdoors. While preparing your home and yard for the summer may not be the most riveting, it is important to the maintenance and continued improvement of your house.

A few things to keep in mind:

When preparing your lawn and equipment for summer: De-thatch, aerate and apply weed and feed to your lawn to prevent pests, weed, and disease growth.Your mower probably needs some attention after a long winter. It's a good ides to change the gas and oil, check spark plugs, and sharpen the blades. Clean equipment not only helps them to run better, but also makes the job easier.

Remember to change your furnace filter once a month (or per the manufacturers specifications.) It's a cheap way to make your air conditioner work to the best of it's ability and could have a big impact on your energy use. The outside unit should be inspected and cleaned by a heating and cooling contractor.

Consider having your carpets professionally cleaned.  This will make your carpets seem brand new as well as reducing allergens. Professional cleaning also adds years of life to your floor covering.

Cleaning windows is always so gratifying when spring comes around.  You'll see a true difference in how you see the world from your home.  Clean the inside and out as well as the screens which may trap pests and allergens. 

Don't forget to check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

Inspecting the outside of your home is just as important.  Make sure cracks have not developed in the caulk.  Check for peeling paint, winter freeze damage or anything that looks out of the ordinary.

While inspecting the exterior, remove any debris that may have settled in the gutters so water can freely go down the downspout. Also, make sure the downspouts are directed far enough away from the foundation.

Hope this helps you to be organized and start your summer on the right foot.