The new Rigby High School is nearly complete!

The school has capacity for 1,800 students, and more than 1,200 students will be the first to use the new school this September.

The building has a communication theme all throughout, with quotes on the walls and a timeline down the main hallway.

Besides traditional classrooms , Rigby High School has several full science labs, art labs, and an auto garage.

A new traffic light by the school's main entrance was also turned on Thursday August 22.

The superintendent of Jefferson School District said the project is on track to be competed both on time and under budget.

The school year brings many new changes to Rigby High besides just the building.

"We are doing so many things that are different. We have ninth-graders coming to the high school, so we will have a whole new group of students that are here. In addition to that, there is gong to be 12 new teachers, plus the teachers from the middle school and junior high. The faculty is going to look completely different, It's going to be a new experience for every body," said Yvonne Thurber, Rigby High Principal.

The school will be hosting an Open House on Aug. 26 with tours of the new building.





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