As the temperature begins to drop, it’s a great time for some pre-winter freshening up.  

Here's some inspiration for you:

1. Is there a room that needs a pick me up? Paint a wall and add a few simple decorations to give you the change you are looking for.

2. To prevent damage wash and treat wood decking with weatherproofing products or new paint to prevent cracking. Taking care of your wood will have you heartache next spring.

3. Look at your roof, are there any shingles needing replaced or repaired?

4. Inspect your gutters, are they needing the leaves cleaned out?

5. Change the filter in your furnace.

6. Tighten up your loose trim or add caulk to cracked areas to keep insects and elements from intruding.

7. Clean and pack up your outdoor furniture to prevent wear and fading.

8.  Could you use some better lawn care items? Now is the time to find great deals before prices are higher again in the Spring.

9. Considering selling your home and want to know more about what it would take to be “market ready?” Contact Tony Stallings, a local professional, who can assist you with any of your real estate needs.