When considering the option of selling your home, finding the correct price range can be the key to a successful sale. Buyers often discuss what price they want for the home, when in actuality finding a price should be determined by where the home falls in the current marketplace.

Shopping for a home is much like shopping for anything else. A buyer wants the best bang for their buck. A home generally sales at or below the market value of the competing homes on the market that have similar conditions and features. It  is important for you as a seller to have the proper information given to you by an experienced Real Estate Agent, showing the current market condition and competition so you can see what a buyer will see when looking at homes available.

When shopping at the store you select an item based on quality and price compared to what else is available. Looking at cans of food at the store, the cans in the front of the shelf and at your eye level will go first. (This is why selecting the correct Realtor who properly advertises your home is so important.) None of the cans will sell for more money than the one right next to it. Yes the dented cans will be put aside and sold for less, because they are seen as a good value compared to the regular items. The Real Estate market is ever changing as a result of supply and demand. If the competing homes lower their price, a seller has the choice of waiting for the supply to drop or following suit to stay more competitive.

Convenience plays its role in the story of selling your home as well. A buyer will pay a little more if it makes a difference to their needs, such as a better location to where they work or need to be. Location can always be a game changer and sometimes just the luck of the draw depending on a buyer’s needs.

Overall, the most important thing you as a seller can do is select the correct Realtor to get the job done for you. Tony Stallings offers 10 years of experience in full time real estate knowledge. He knows the market, is out actively marketing your home and provides outstanding advertising. When considering or preparing your property for sale, sit down with Tony and find the best marketing price and tools to complete your sell.