Recently the Wall Street Journal had published an article with the headline reading, "The Best Day to List a Home Is...". It summarized an elaborate study by a national brokerage revealing hard Statistics on which day of the week is best for listing a home for sale.

Sanette Tanaka, the author, brought up several ways to look at the question. While her focus was national, the unspoken allure was to zero in on which day will maximize listing your home on the market.

So what is the answer............

Friday. Houses listed on Friday spent the fewest days on the market (2 fewer than Thursday, 7 fewer than the most ho-hum day for listing, Sunday).

But, listing on Tuesday brought in the most requests for house tours -- by 8 thousandths of one percent over Thursday. For drawing house tours, Friday faded into the pack....

Statistics are helpful, but not to the point where they detract from getting the job done. So when really is the best day to list your home in Eastern Idaho??? As soon as it is ready!!! Buyers are constantly combing the listings, and the ideal prospect may be long gone if we hold off for any reason.

If you are ready to sell your home, contact me and let's get your home listed!