BYU-Idaho has released their statistics for the Winter Semester of 2014. A Total campus enrollment of 15,625 students. It's an increase of approximately 0.7 percent over last winter's campus enrollment of 15,516.

Changes in enrollment are due to the ongoing impact from the change in missionary age eligibility announced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in October 2012. The current projections for 2014 indicate the missionary age change will continue to affect enrollment at BYU-Idaho through the end of this year.

The university's online courses and programs continue to grow, making a BYU-Idaho education available to a greater number of students across the United States and the world. The number of Pathway students and students not on campus enrolled in online courses is $12,175. For the Winter Semester of 2013 was $7,623.

This semester the campus student body consists of 7,809 male students and 7,816 female students. The number of married students is 4,313, comprising of 27.6 % of the total campus student population.



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