There is no question that East Idaho not only has some of the most beautiful areas in the world.  Okay so I may be a little biased on what this area has to offer but it seems like we do have some sites that the whole world travels to see.  Being an Idaho grown boy, I have often taken for granted the sites that we have that are sometimes in our backyard.  I have driven by the Teton range many times and have often taken the beauty that abounds for granted.  I grew up taking family vacations to Yellowstone National Park but didn't realize the beauty it beholds until I grew up. 

Old FaithfulLast week we were able to take a day trip to Yellowstone National Park, my wife's Grandparents were in town from Tennessee and had never visited the Park.  From Rexburg, Yellowstone National Park is a little over an hour drive making it a great day trip.   While driving up there we passed through the Island Park area, a great place to go relax and enjoy the quiet up there.  Yellowstone National Park has been breaking records the last couple of years, more people have been visiting the Park and in 2010 there were 3,640,184 visitors that passed through the Park which was 10.5% higher than 2009 which was a record year.

Lower Falls Yellowstone National ParkLower Falls Yellowstone National ParkWe were able to visit Old Faithful Geyser and make the loop along Yellowstone Lake.  We were able to see the upper and lower falls which are some of most spectacular views you will see in a lifetime.  It was a great day, we were able to be back in Rexburg by 6pm.  There are so many other sites that a person can visit within a short drive from Rexburg and other East Idaho cities.